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Your children will not have time to be bored ! Better, they won't know where to turn their head to play…

Thanks to the toys, they will let their imagination free. In their playfield, they will turn into corsairs (with the Pirate ship), builders (with Brik a Blok, the giant building set), Mohican or Comanche Indians, locomotive engineers, knights and princesses in their castle, pop’s moms, schoolmistresses,… In the old trunk, they’ll find disguisments and furniture to make their own accessories.

In this imaginary world which is waiting for them, cow-boys and Indians are friends, pirates attack castles and princesses transform themselves into warlike girls !

We are quite sure that yourself (for the greatest joy of your children) will re-discover a pirate’s heart or transform you into a knight (King Arthur perhaps…). We hope you’ll enjoy sharing your children’s adventures !

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